Move Your Ass 7/11/12

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Move Your Ass 7/11/12
On this edition of WCBN’s exercise programme Move Your Ass, we hear from Doctor Striker, a Soviet exercise record, an Alaskan robot harmonica record, 2 copies of the same Strawberry Shortcake exercise record, and we pay a visit to the Booty Bank with Candie Hank.

Move Yr Ass 6/16/11

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Move Yr Ass 6/16/11

a few weeks ago i hosted “Move Yr Ass”, WCBN’s summer exercise program. the only “exercise” record i own is the Strawberry Shortcake one, so i mixed that with some happy hardcore and gabber and rave, and a bunch of records at 45 instead of 33. it didn’t turn out so well, but here it is anyway. i’m too lazy to dig up the tracklist. also i’m too lazy to edit this file so there’s Pandora’s Lunchbox afterwards.

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