Meadow Argus: The Palace tape (Flophouse, 2022)

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Meadow Argus: The Palace tape

The first side of the new Meadow Argus tape has unsettling creaking and crunching noises and looped layers of decayed piano melodies, turning potential distractions and irritants into something oddly comforting. The best part is the last few minutes, when it turns into a gentler ambient part that could almost be an outsider house track stripped of its beats and left outside to dry in the breeze. The other side incorporates clips from what I assume must be a fake radio show the artist recorded as a kid. Cleverly, it back announces the previous piece (“Everlasting Gaze”) before going on to do a sports report and fake commercials. The words are spread throughout a haze of melting music boxes and curdled static. Right when it starts to drift away from the childhood memories, we’re hit with a PSA telling you to get involved with your school and pick up your trash, and a snack bar announcement that I’m pretty sure mentions Fruitopia. Then there’s the “last song”, a distorted organ drone joined by hellish, demonic howling which may or may not be the mangled voice of the kid hosting the radio show. In the end it feels like an attempt to exterminate childhood memories.

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