Moth Cock: Mystics and Statistics tape (Unifactor Tapes, 2020)

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Moth Cock: Mystics and Statistics tape

The newest Moth Cock tape is something different than the usual hijinks we’re used to from the freewheeling duo. Instead, each side is one extended drone, with waves of reeds carried and shaped by effects. “Mystics” is a lonely wind tunnel drone with some frigid, harsh bleating at one point. “Statistics” is filled with electronic chirps, and a bit more melodic playing, and it’s also a lot trippier than the first side. This is a lot darker and more isolated than what these guys usually do, it feels like a look into a side of them that they rarely ever reveal, and it’s just as fascinating.

Show #538 – 3/7/20

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Mic break music = Bibio: Phantom Brickworks
2:02 am Jan St. Werner with Mark E. Smith ~ Molocular Meditation ~ Molocular Meditation (new) ~ Editions Mego ~ 2020
2:21 am Sissy Spacek ~ Garbage Matte ~ Blear ~ Gilgongo ~ 2019
2:39 am Sissy Spacek ~ entire LP ~ Freaked With Jet ~ Gilgongo ~ 2008
2:53 am John Wiese ~ Scorpion Immobilization Sleeve ~ Seven of Wands ~ Gilgongo ~ 2010
3:06 am John Collins McCormick ~ How To Consider It Done ~ Ad For Nails (new) ~ Gilgongo ~ 2019
3:27 am Filthy Grin ~ Saturn in the Mirror ~ Saturn in the Mirror ~ Gilgongo ~ 2018
3:39 am Leandro Fresco and Rafael Anton Irisarri ~ Elevado Como Barrilete ~ Una Presencia En La Brisa (new) ~ A Strangely Isolated Place ~ 2020
3:44 am Jordan Reyes ~ Playing at the Pool ~ Fairchild Soundtrack + Border Land (new) ~ Whited Sepulchre ~ 2020
3:48 am Euglossine ~ Dryocampa Messenger Service ~ Psaronius (new) ~ Orange Milk ~ 2020
3:52 am Jacoti Sommes ~ Subblue ~ Travel Time (new) ~ Orange Milk ~ 2020
3:56 am Rejoicer ~ Pre-Memory Circle ~ Spiritual Sleaze (new) ~ Stones Throw ~ 2020
4:01 am Kleerup ~ TRU ~ 2 (new) ~ U OK? ~ 2020
4:05 am Davey Harms ~ Position True ~ World War (new) ~ Hausu Mountain ~ 2020
4:10 am Tobias. ~ 1972 ~ 1972 (new) ~ Ostgut Ton ~ 2020
4:19 am JB³ [Joey Beltram] ~ Loose Kick ~ Close Grind ~ NovaMute ~ 1996
4:24 am Multiplex ~ The Cool Rule Natural ~ Born Techno 7 ~ Nova Zembla ~ 1997
4:38 am Klute ~ Take A Breath (Klute remix) ~ Take A Breath (Klute remix) ~ Commercial Suicide ~ 2019
4:43 am Current Value ~ Megacity ~ SENEX LP (new) ~ MethLab Recordings ~ 2019
4:48 am Morgantics ~ Sake Dreams ~ mp3 ~ Soundcloud ~ 2018
4:52 am Machine Girl ~ Splatter! ~ U-Void Synthesizer (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2020
4:55 am Giant Swan ~ 55 Year Old Daughter ~ Giant Swan (new) ~ Keck ~ 2019
4:58 am Shearing Pinx ~ Cursed Heart Matter ~ Poison Hands ~ Gilgongo ~ 2006
5:00 am Soft Shoulder ~ Wellness Line (Move a New Way) ~ Aerosol Can Stand 7″ (new) ~ Gilgongo ~ 2020
5:05 am Jade Helm ~ Days Gone ~ 7″ (new) ~ Gilgongo ~ 2020
5:08 am Cold Beat ~ Gloves ~ Mother (new) ~ DFA ~ 2020
5:11 am Carla dal Forno ~ Don’t Follow Me ~ Look up Sharp (new) ~ Kallista ~ 2019
5:16 am Black Tape for a Blue Girl ~ The Sound of Waves ~ Ashes in the Brittle Air (reissue) ~ Projekt ~ 1989
5:20 am Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke ~ Shadow Magnet ~ Duality ~ 4AD ~ 1998
5:38 am Daniel Davies ~ One Hundred Years ~ Signals (new) ~ Sacred Bones ~ 2020
5:44 am Tycho ~ Cypress ~ Simulcast (new) ~ Mom + Pop/Ninja Tune ~ 2020
5:50 am Nodern ~ Pauset ~ Personal Settings 2 ~ Quatermass ~ 2002
5:55 am System Error ~ Scan Queue Overflow ~ Nothing ~ Headphone ~ 1997

John Collins McCormick: Ad for Nails LP (Gilgongo, 2019)

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John Collins McCormick: Ad for Nails

The artist once known as Sky Thing presents two sidelong compositions consisting of found sounds and music performed using non-musical objects. I’ve seen him perform twice, and the first time it was during an outdoor event, and he was so quiet and so far away from me that I didn’t even know he was playing until after the performance had ended. The other time it felt like more of a live sculpture or art-making session than a concert, the audio definitely seemed secondary. This album begins with a chaotic, blown-out drum solo, then there’s a long stretch where it sounds like motors running or oscillators humming. It’s hard to tell if these are just normal items he’s found that he’s operating, or special machines or devices that he’s built or re-assembled, and listening to it makes you question what difference it makes if it was either, because it’s the sound itself that matters. And eventually some more free jazz-like drumming re-emerges, and some thin but persistent electronic tones seep through. It gets near silent for a moment before more fractured drumming occurs, and there’s a low rumbling behind it. Then there’s some low reed hissing and fluttering, even sounding like a didgeridoo at one point. The second side seems a bit more scattered, with sounds that may be clanking keys and failing car motors, lots of conversational recordings, and also a few unpredictable bursts of some basement noise eruptions. More so than the first side, this one sounds like different perspectives of environments crashing into each other, reflecting several ways in which we hear sound and perceive our surroundings.

Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri: Una Presencia En La Brisa (A Strangely Isolated Place, 2020)

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Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri: Una Presencia En La Brisa

Absolutely lovely, billowing ambience from two longtime masters of the genre. Super rich and expressive. It washes over you but at the same time it holds you captivated and you get lost inside of it. At certain points there’s windy guitar drone, or there’s lurching pulsations, but it all feels equally soothing and melancholy, and it’s all incredible.

Jacoti Sommes: Travel Time tape (Orange Milk, 2020)

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Jacoti Sommes: Travel Time tape

Somehow managing to be funk, ambient, and IDM at the same time, Jacoti Sommes’ first Orange Milk tape is smooth and relaxed but filled with complex, imaginative rhythms. “Subblue” encapsulates this fusion of brainy electro-funk with soothing pads washing through it all. “Pulse Start” is a more straightforward crowd-mover, then “Push On” is where you realize this is actually a journey through the cosmos. This is one classy rocket ship though, and even while we’re shooting through the galaxy, there’s such a laid back party atmosphere that nothing feels out of the ordinary, it feels just like celebrating at a friend’s house. “Everything Is Fine” ups the good-time factor with some disco strings and pianos, and “I Got Your Back” is just a friendly and reassuring as it sounds. Really positive, uplifting, and just naturally different.

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