Khaki Blazer: Coco Nara Deezer LP (Experimedia, 2016)

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Khaki Blazer: Coco Nara Deezer LP

Khaki Blazer: Coco Nara Deezer LP

Pad Modugno of Moth Cock goes all out for another strange jumble of lopsided rhythms, cartoon noises, and barely assembled samples. The track title “Drum and Bastard” says a lot — this is like Luke Vibert but even more jokey and twisted. And then that’s only part of it. There’s trunk-rattling beats with squishy, pitch-shifted samples piled on, there’s honks, there’s bubbles, there’s animal noises. There’s bicycle bells and cut-off thoughts. As one of the samples tries to say, “don’t think about it too much”. I was going to end this review by saying something like “Get BLAZED” but that would be way too douchey. Instead I will just remark that the album’s Bandcamp page lists footwork and juke as tags, but this is like footwork if your limbs are twisted (not necessarily broken).


Void Opening: May Your Children Turn Their Faces From You tape (Pastel Voids, 2016)

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Void Opening: May Your Children Turn Their Faces From You tape

Void Opening: May Your Children Turn Their Faces From You tape

Many of the releases on Pastel Voids deal with some sort of rave nostalgia, but this one takes a blowtorch to all of that for 25 minutes of rhythmic noise. The first side buries banging-on-cinderblocks rhythms under storms of feedback and distortion. It’s almost danceable compared to the second side, which still has rhythms, but they’re far more erratic and hard to discern. After a while, your face has melted off anyway, so your only reaction is to just stand back in awe (what’s left of you, that is). Free download at Bandcamp.

Show #372 – 12/17/16

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Hour 1
2:00 am Richard H. Kirk ~ “L.D. 60” ~ Disposable Half-Truths ~ Mute ~ 1980
2:05 am ARIISK ~ “Lost Life” ~ Fatal Errors (new) ~ SCRAPES ~ 2016
2:09 am Hiss & Hum ~ “side A” ~ Delice De Nostalgie ~ FREAKS ~ 2015
2:31 am John Fahey ~ “America” ~ America ~ Takoma ~ 1971
2:38 am Sibylle Baier ~ “Tonight” ~ Vinyl Adventures from Istanbul to San Francisco ~ O Genesis ~ 1970s
2:41 am Sister Lake (local) ~ “Photo of Stairs to Nowhere/Foliage Study/Sudden Neighborhood” ~ tape (new) ~ Life Like ~ 2016
2:50 am Rebel Kind (local) ~ “Kiss You” ~ Just For Fools (new) ~ Urinal Cake Records ~ 2016
2:53 am Tyvek (local) ~ “Girl On a Bicycle” ~ Origin of What (new) ~ In the Red ~ 2016
2:55 am Negative Gemini ~ “You Never Knew” ~ Body Work (new) ~ 100% Electronica ~ 2016
Hour 2
3:00 am Devata Daun ~ “Be a Stranger” ~ Look (new) ~ Pytch Records ~ 2016
3:02 am Shaprece ~ “Unwind” ~ Coals (new) ~ self-released ~ 2016
3:04 am A Tribe Called Quest ~ “Solid Wall of Sound” ~ We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service (new) ~ Epic ~ 2016
3:08 am Ricky Eat Acid ~ “Climbing Up the Big Red Tree” ~ Talk To You Soon (new) ~ Terrible ~ 2016
3:10 am Kindohm ~ “RISC Chip” ~ RISC Chip (new) ~ Conditional ~ 2016
3:14 am Seekersinternational ~ “Channel2(MurderousDub)” ~ Presents the RaggaPreservationSociety EP (new) ~ Diskotopia ~ 2016
3:16 am DJ Sinclair ~ “Ricky” ~ 12″ (new) ~ Keysound ~ 2016
3:20 am Jonny Oso ~ “A Life Force” ~ City Fresh (new) ~ Pastel Voids ~ 2016
3:27 am Homemade Weapons & Red Army ~ “Retina” ~ Negative Space (new) ~ Samurai Music ~ 2016
3:35 am Michael Gordon/Mantra Percussion ~ “Oneohtrix Point Never remix” ~ Timber Remixed (new) ~ Cantaloupe Records ~ 2016
3:39 am Eli Keszler ~ “Is Stage Director” ~ Last Signs of Speed (new) ~ Empty Editions ~ 2016
3:45 am Dinosaurs With Horns ~ “February 11, 2012, 2:24 PM” ~ LAFMS Box Box ~ Box Editions ~ 2012
Hour 3
4:01 am Sun Ra and His Astro-Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra ~ “Journey to Saturn” ~ Singles: The Definitive 45s Collection 1952-1991 ~ Strut ~ 1972-74
4:05 am yyu ~ “teu” ~ Karaoke ~ Lillerne Tapes ~ 2016
4:08 am Loscil ~ “Animal Silence” ~ Suns (new) ~ self-released ~ 2016
4:12 am Sophia Loizou ~ “Artificial Infinite” ~ Singulacra (new) ~ Kathexis ~ 2016
4:17 am Fis ~ “Drain Torch” ~ 010 (new) ~ Fog Mountain Records ~ 2016
4:21 am Franck Vigroux ~ “Icône” ~ Rapport Sur Le Désordre (new) ~ D’Autres Cordes ~ 2016
4:29 am (ghost) ~ “The First Time You Opened Your Eyes” ~ The First Time You Opened Your Eyes (new) ~ Sound in Silence ~ 2016
4:38 am Sandoz ~ “Atro City Reaction” ~ Intensely Radioactive ~ Mute ~ 1994
4:44 am Étant Donnés w/ Alan Vega ~ “Shadows Lights” ~ Re-Up ~ Munster ~ 1999
4:49 am Chris Cobilis featuring Kenneth Goldsmith & Spektral Quartet ~ “Fire of Publicity” ~ This Is You (new) ~ Room40 ~ 2016
4:57 am Odd Nosdam ~ “The One OG” ~ Off Tapes 1998-99 ~ Glue Moon Records ~ 1999
4:58 am Invisibl Skratch Piklz ~ “Polka Fist Pump” ~ The 13th Floor (new) ~ self-released ~ 2016
Hour 4
5:00 am Gavin Gamboa ~ “Rainbow Children” ~ Prince 2016 (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2016
5:03 am Kloukloun ~ “Shining Clown” ~ H.V.R.F. Sampler #2 (new) ~ H.V.R.F. Central Command ~ 2016
5:06 am Mechanick Preachers ~ “варенням шланг тяжкого перебігу” ~ H.V.R.F. Sampler #1 (new) ~ H.V.R.F. Central Command ~ 2016
5:07 am BZGRL ~ “Koppelen” ~ 010 (new) ~ Fog Mountain Records ~ 2016
5:13 am Stuart Chalmers ~ “Surge” ~ Imaginary Musicks Vol. 5 (new) ~ Invisible City ~ 2016
5:19 am Jens-Uwe Beyer ~ “Final 9.1” ~ Pop Ambient 2017 (new) ~ Kompakt ~ 2016
5:26 am The Space Where She Was ~ “What She Dreamed For” ~ What We Lost (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2016
5:31 am Tortusa ~ “Maybe You Still Do” ~ I Know This Place – The Eivind Aarset Collages ~ Jazzland Recordings Norway ~ 2016
5:37 am Equiknoxx ~ “A Rabbit Spoke To Me When I Woke Up” ~ Bird Sound Power (new) ~ DDS ~ 2016
5:40 am Lost Midas ~ “Archetype Forgotten” ~ Shapes In Space ~ Tru Thoughts ~ 2014
5:44 am Subaeris ~ “New Dream” ~ mp3 (new) ~ Soundcloud ~ 2016
5:47 am Darling Farah ~ “Fortune” ~ Body ~ Civil Music ~ 2012
5:50 am Cloud Boat ~ “Lions On the Beach” ~ Book of Hours ~ Apollo ~ 2013
5:53 am Botany ~ “Burning from the Edges Inward” ~ Deepak Verbera (new) ~ Western Vinyl ~ 2016

Crush Collision 12/15/16

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Hour 1
10:01 pm Logan Takahashi ~ “Kazoku Ogawa (Kaazi Remix)”
10:03 pm Richard H. Kirk ~ “Hypnotic (12″ Mix)”
10:09 pm Sage Caswell ~ “All of Gardens”
10:12 pm Kilner [aka Blawan] ~ “Auto Wave”
10:19 pm Bumgarden ~ “22gono”
10:20 pm Ryan Huber ~ “Twin Needles”
10:23 pm Annanan ~ “New Wave of Nature”
10:27 pm Kaytranada ~ “Track Uno”
10:31 pm xxxy ~ “(We Have To) Make Things Better”
10:36 pm DJ S ~ “Golf One”
10:40 pm Gnork ~ “Influxxxx”
10:45 pm Monoloc ~ “Phoenix”
10:49 pm Sandoz ~ “Soul Insurgency”
10:54 pm Nukubus ~ “Coming From”
10:58 pm Zeta Reticula ~ “Encroach”
Hour 2
11:04 pm Risque III ~ “Essence of a Dream”
11:10 pm Posthuman ~ “Dont Stop”
11:17 pm DJ Dextro ~ “Robot 1003”
11:22 pm Demdike Stare ~ “FullEdge (eMpTy-40 Mix)”
11:27 pm Roman Flügel ~ “Dead Idols”
11:34 pm Rrose ~ “Specimen 2”
11:39 pm YPY ~ “RIP 505”
11:41 pm Ryogo Yamamori ~ “Sanya”
11:46 pm Scalameriya ~ “Kepslock”
11:51 pm Sieren ~ “Neglection”
11:55 pm Komon & Will Saul ~ “Eve’s Seven (Recloose Remix)”

Seekersinternational: RaggaPreservationSociety tape (Diskotopia, 2016)

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Seekersinternational: RaggaPreservationSociety tape

Seekersinternational: RaggaPreservationSociety tape

Seekerinternational released an album of sloshed-out dub on Digitalis a while back, and that’s just one of his many transmissions over the years. This tape is his love letter to ragga-jungle, and of course it’s nowhere close to faithful, because that’s been done before. This is manic and full of breaks and deejay samples, and also plenty of rave flashbacks. Most of the tracks are two or three minutes long, and all of the sounds seem to tumble into each other excitedly without pause. He doesn’t go for laffs the way Shitmat does, but this is still some of the most warped, hyper-caffeinated jungle revisionism I’ve heard to date. Total unqualified success. Listen at Bandcamp.

Jonny Oso: City Fresh tape (Pastel Voids, 2016)

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Jonny Oso: City Fresh tape

Jonny Oso: City Fresh tape

I didn’t get around to reviewing the first Jonny Oso EP earlier this year, but it was an instantly winning piece of rave nostalgia. This tape is longer and a bit more developed, and it’s also loads of fun. The tracks generally feature light breakbeats and warm chords, and they progress but don’t get too out of bounds for 6 or 7 minutes apiece. “Oh Ya!” is more frenetic and Baltimore-esque, and “Looking For the Greatest” is a bit more loony, but others are calmer. Even the drum’n’bass track “A Life Force” is atmospheric enough to be a Good Looking Records 12″ from 1996. “Unknown People’s All Right” balances wild rave fervor and choppy breakbeats with calming pads, arriving close to Meat Beat territory. Grab it at Pastel Voids’ Bandcamp.

Hiss & Hum: Delice De Nostalgie tape (FREAKS, 2015)

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Hiss & Hum: Delice De Nostalgie tape

Hiss & Hum: Delice De Nostalgie tape

Very thick, heavy mix of repetitive throbbing beats and synths along with words taken from meditation records, AM radio, and other sources. Deep and paranoid but also relaxing. Gets close to the realm of harsh, but it’s more like bristling against a new level of consciousness. Side A is more rhythmic, almost approaching Krautrock at one point, and side B is more of an uneasy drift. The way it falls apart at the end is spectacular. Listen at Bandcamp.

Sister Lake: s/t tape (Life Like, 2016)

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Sister Lake: s/t tape

Sister Lake: s/t tape

Regular album-length tape of wayward experiments from Fred Thomas, Dash Lewis, and cellist Kaylan Mitchell, edited from longer improvisations into short pieces. Not as poppy and driving as the recent (and magnificent) Hydropark LP, these are moments which drift, squall, buzz, and linger, and then fade into the next dream sequence. They picked out the choice bits — not necessarily the most high-impact ones, not always the peaks or the most colorful ones, but ones that captured specific moments nonetheless. Sometimes it’s cloudy, and there’s never any indication where it’s going, but it always heads down an intriguing path. The cello seems hidden and non-obvious sometimes, it doesn’t sound as heavy and dramatic as the instrument often does, although there’s moments where it does that too. When drums appear, they’re usually blasted, frazzled and torn apart. Still available from the Life Like.

Soaker: s/t 7″ EP (Wharf Cat Records, 2016)

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Soaker: s/t 7" EP

Soaker: s/t 7″ EP

Hard sludgy punk-ish rock with echo-heavy rough vocals, sort of resembling a deathrock version of Killdozer. Produced by Carson Cox of Merchandise/Death Index, so it has a similar dark punk-but-not-quite sound to it. The band barely pauses for breath on side A so both songs just barrel through, ending in a patch of swelling noise. The second side is more of the same, piledriving riffs and drums with sparks of feedback. Music for viewing the fucked-up state of the world and having no other reaction but to just laugh and piss all over it.

Votaries: Psychometry (Wharf Cat, 2016)

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Votaries: Psychometry

Votaries: Psychometry

Flannel-clad psych-gaze from Jackson Scott. Androgynous vocals, lush waves of warm, sometimes shimmering guitars, hints of melancholy. Sunbathing music. Seems easygoing and languid, but these are actually pretty concise pop songs, mostly around two or three minutes each. Songs like “Delusion” are nice trippy whirlwinds, while others like “Succumb” are closer to old Flaming Lips but more bubblegum poppy. “Your Bed Is Melting” is more nightmarish, though. “Rainbow Death Revisited” is the laser infinity jam here. I’m hearing people say this band sounds a lot like Deerhunter but I don’t listen to them so I wouldn’t know.

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