Crush Collision 5/5/16

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Hour 1
10:01 pm Andy Stott ~ “On My Mind”
10:07 pm Form a Log ~ “Patriot”
10:10 pm Bobby Draino & D. Tiffany ~ “Arctic Travel”
10:17 pm Deep88 ~ “Rotation”
10:21 pm Ryan Huber ~ “Abbas”
10:24 pm Metrist ~ “Knights of the Templar, Here Comes Neil”
10:28 pm Aoki Takamasa ~ “Rhythm Variation 06”
10:32 pm Logan Takahashi ~ “Rekr”
10:36 pm MGUN ~ “Bed & Breakfast”
10:41 pm Lawrence ~ “Blue Mountain”
10:46 pm Munro ~ “Lilo Times (32)”
10:49 pm J.Wiltshire ~ “Decision Day”
10:52 pm Mak & Pasteman ~ “T2000”
10:58 pm MM Studio ~ “Other Dub”
Hour 2
11:00 pm Arad ~ “Sliding Ladders”
11:05 pm Mike Parker ~ “Through_Cylinders”
11:10 pm Discrete Circuit ~ “Redial”
11:13 pm Shift Work ~ “Hard Currency”
11:16 pm ROD ~ “3yr”
11:22 pm Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland ~ “Lightyears”
11:27 pm Barker & Baumecker ~ “Trans_it”
11:33 pm T_A_M ~ “September’s Silk”
11:36 pm Dan Curtin ~ “Mind Sweep”
11:42 pm Nettling ~ “Cycle”
11:46 pm Positive Centre ~ “The Burin”
11:51 pm Dax J ~ “The Invisible Man”
11:56 pm L Neils ~ “Puzzlebox”

Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer: Twine (12k, 2015)

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Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer: Twine

Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer: Twine

Taylor Deupree is a longtime master of glitchy minimalism, with dozens of albums to his credit. Marcus Fischer is a relative newcomer, but he’s already building up an impressive discography. This is their second collaboration, and it consists of warm, loud, hissy tape loops. You definitely get the feeling that you’re listening to physical artifacts, it feels like the reel-to-reel tapes are turning right in front of your ears. It’s the type of ambient music that it seems like you can pick up and hold, but you have to be careful because you don’t want to break it or get it dirty (or get your hands dirty, maybe). The opening track has a lighter, more pleasant mood than the rest, which can seem kind of sad and hollow. The final track is focused around soft acoustic guitar (or maybe banjo?) strums. Very delicate and lovely.

Nickolas Mohanna: Mantis tape (Preservation, 2016)

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Nickolas Mohanna: Mantis tape

Nickolas Mohanna: Mantis tape

Five years after his excellent CD Reflectors, New York’s Nickolas Mohanna returns to the Australian label Preservation with this incredible tape called Mantis. The album starts out with dazzling synth arpeggios, and it would be awesome if that’s all it were, but he takes it way further than that, adding cymbals, found sounds, city noises, eerie voices, acoustic instruments, sampled tapes and vinyl, and a plethora of other enchanting sounds. It just keeps going further, deeper and more haunted. Forgotten records melt away, guitars singe and simmer, and it almost sounds like there’s some Laraaji-inspired zither or dulcimer action going on. Each side plays as a continuous collage/dream, and it’s easy to get immersed/lost in this ever-shifting, curious sound world. Mohanna has been doing some truly amazing, impressive things for a while now, everything I’ve heard by him so far as been amazing. This tape, and this artist, deserve attention.

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