Show #235 – 3/22/14

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Mic break music = Rake Wickman: Suur Toll
3:02 AM Pulse Emitter ~ Moonlit Valley ~ Spiritual Vistas ~ Expansive/Cylindrical Habitat Modules
3:11 AM The Space Lady ~ Major Tom ~ The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits ~ Night School
3:16 AM Pairs ~ Vatican Colours ~ Your Feet Touch Ground, A Carousel ~ Metal Postcard
3:24 AM Ssleeperhold ~ Beatsslave ~ Ruleth ~ Holodeck/Light Lodge
3:29 AM S U R V I V E ~ Parousia ~ MF064 ~ Monofonus Press
3:32 AM Future Islands ~ Light House ~ Singles ~ 4AD
3:42 AM Crash Course In Science ~ Factory Forehead ~ Signals From Pier Thirteen ~ Dark Entries
3:44 AM Golden Donna ~ Empty Charm Vessel ~ II ~ 100% Silk
3:50 AM Jon Porras ~ Apeiron ~ Light Divide ~ Thrill Jockey
4:00 AM Black Hat ~ Imaginary Friends ~ Thought Of Two ~ Hausu Mountain
4:10 AM Jon Hopkins ~ Collider (Objekt Remix) ~ Collider (Remixes) ~ Domino
4:16 AM Lee Bannon ~ Break The Line_ ~ wav ~ Soundcloud
4:19 AM K-Rock ~ A2 ~ Part 2 ~ Rephlex/Top Shelf Records
4:22 AM Crazy Wisdom Masters ~ Hedz At Company Z ~ 10″ ~ Black Hoodz
4:25 AM Pinks Quieter ~ Leticia Angel ~ Pinks Quieter ~ Metal Postcard
4:30 AM Andrew Tuttle ~ 4064, Rezoned ~ mp3 ~ Bandcamp
4:53 AM Clawed ~ Damar Liquid Extraction ~ The First Magic Number ~ self-released
5:01 AM Gnome & Spybey ~ Spacelec ~ At Willie’s Place ~ Tourette
5:04 AM Esognomig ~ side B ~ Esognomig ~ Sonig
5:13 AM Death To Ponies ~ Snakes ~ Swine Water ~ Metal Postcard
5:27 AM For A Minor Reflection ~ Kastlios ~ Live At Iceland Airwaves ~ self-released
5:39 AM Rake Wickman ~ Suur Toll ~ Suur Toll ~ Metal Postcard

Crush Collision 3/20/14

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Crush Collision 3/20/14
10:02 PM DJ 3000 ~ Morning Bird
10:08 PM Audion ~ The Dog
10:11 PM Daso & Pawas ~ Det (Schatrax Remix)
10:15 PM White Rainbow ~ Screen Blind
10:20 PM JTC ~ The Boxx
10:26 PM Blood Vibes ~ Blank Stare
10:30 PM Brian Aneurysm ~ Das Element Des Menschen (James T. Cotton Version)
10:35 PM Addison Groove ~ The Spirit Love
10:38 PM Lewis Fautzi ~ Loudness
10:43 PM Stewart Walker ~ Senza Merda
10:46 PM Jon Hopkins ~ Collider (Karenn Remix)
10:52 PM Pursuit Grooves ~ Miraculous Magnetism
10:55 PM Infiniti ~ Game One

Show #234 – 3/8/14

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3:01 AM Why I Must Be Careful ~ track 2 ~ Honeycomb ~ self-released
3:21 AM Peter Brötzmann/Han Bennink ~ Aufen Nr. 3 ~ Schwartzwaldfahrt ~ Atavistic
3:27 AM Anthony Braxton ~ 489 M 70-2–(TH-B) M ~ Five Pieces 1975 ~ Arista
3:44 AM Arkm Foam ~ What Do You Want On Your Tombstone ~ The Foam Doesn’t Fall Far From The Shore ~ Hot Releases
3:51 AM Chicago Underground Duo ~ Kabuki ~ Locus ~ Northern Spy
3:56 AM The Souljazz Orchestra ~ Kingdom Come ~ Inner Fire ~ Strut
4:03 AM Rhys Chatham ~ Harmonie Du Soir ~ Harmonie Du Soir ~ Northern Spy
4:27 AM Lubomyr Melnyk ~ Cloud Passade No. 3 ~ Three Solo Pieces ~ Unseen Worlds
4:47 AM Pulse Emitter ~ Spaceship ~ Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis ~ Metal Postcard
5:00 AM Ray Sammartano ~ Surfing The Shift ~ Brainwave Cathedral ~ self-released
5:10 AM Mark McGuire ~ The War On Consciousness ~ Along The Way ~ Dead Oceans
5:16 AM John Fahey ~ Requiem For Russell Blaine Cooper ~ The Essential John Fahey ~ Vanguard
5:25 AM Celestino ~ Pearl Bone Gull ~ Kindling ~ A Guide To Saints
5:35 AM Actress ~ Contagious ~ Ghettoville ~ Werkdiscs
5:40 AM Thug Entrancer ~ Death After Life V ~ Death After Life ~ Software
5:47 AM Rich Sudney ~ Everything Is Under Controlled ~ Ionosonde ~ Ionosonde
5:52 AM John Coltrane ~ Syeeda’s Song Flute ~ Giant Steps ~ Atlantic

Crush Collision 3/6/14

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Crush Collision 3/6/14
10:04 PM Wild Beasts ~ Wanderlust (The Field Remix)
10:10 PM Solar Bears ~ Interzone
10:13 PM BNJMN ~ Stolen Birds
10:20 PM Rich Sudney ~ Dancing With Your Shadow
10:25 PM Teemu T ~ City Night
10:29 PM MKFN ~ Foundry
10:32 PM Jon Hopkins ~ Collider (Pangaea Remix)
10:38 PM Kotekan ~ Dripping Ghost
10:40 PM Lucy ~ The Illusion Of Choice
10:49 PM Robert Hood ~ Untitled 1 (Mark Broom Edit)
10:52 PM Damon Vallero ~ Revolver
10:57 PM Lewis Fautzi ~ Range

Fenster: The Pink Caves (Morr Music, 2014)

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Fenster: The Pink Caves

Fenster: The Pink Caves

Second album from Morr Music dreampop group Fenster, and a vast improvement on their pretty-but-forgettable debut. Arrangements have minimal elements but (of course) big lush reverb, the songs are well written and pretty, the (slightly surfy) guitar hooks are light but tremolo-filled and catchy, there’s male and female vocal harmonies, and some of the lyrics are haunting, maybe even disturbing, but still gorgeous. “Better Days” starts with busy drum trills, then settles into sleek, slow-midtempo indie-pop. “Sunday Owls” adds a bit of a Lynchian dramatic, mysterious atmosphere, with traces of fuzzy, mutating guitar and/or synth effects. “In The Walls” is more sleek and smooth but somewhat dark and strange indie-pop with trippy effects on the vocals and instruments. “Cat Emperor” introduces the dual male/female vocal harmonies. “True Love” is a dark murder ballad where the singer plans to kill her true love, turning ’50s rock ballads on their twisted heads. “Mirrors” continues taking the album’s sound down a weird slow minimal exotica path, with layers of spooky vocal harmonies and echo-drenched chirping and scraping in the beginning. The rhythm picks up during the second half. “Fireflies” is a brief, quiet, whispery interlude. “On Repeat” is a bit more uptempo, with a more consistent tapping rhythm, and a bit more of a hook, and some nice vocal effects during the second half. “Hit & Run” is another uptempo catchy number, with male and female vocals, a good weepy guitar hook, and more strange vocal sounds in the background. “1982” has another small but sturdy rhythm, floating guitar effects, male vocals which slip into falsetto, and minimally but tastefully used analog synths. “Creatures” is a downbeat closer with a beatless guitar drift-out about a minute into the song before the second verse comes in, and another one to end the song. Really an unexpectedly solid album, I guess maybe for fans of Beach House or The xx, but subtly trippier, and I enjoy it way more than those bands.

Pairs: Your Feet Touch Ground, A Carousel tape (Metal Postcard, 2013)

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Pairs: Your Feet Touch Ground, A Carousel tape

Pairs: Your Feet Touch Ground, A Carousel tape

Surprise electronic/industrial album from Chinese noise-rock duo Pairs. Their usual work is harsh, blistering indie-punk, but this one strips the arrangements down to skeletal electronic pounding and tons of dark atmosphere. I guess it’s somewhat comparable to HTRK’s transformation from a guitar-driven post-punk band to dirgier, depressing (but utterly brilliant) electronic music. The 6 tracks on this tape (3 on each side) mostly run long, from 4:30 to almost 8 minutes, and take their time to explore their dark, sometimes terrifying, moods. The vocals here sort of remind me of B.R. Wallers of Country Teasers/The Rebel, just for how piercing and nasal they are. There’s also plenty of cursing, but it’s hard to tell exactly what he’s saying, with all the echo plus the accent. “Neighbours Trivia Night” and “Take Out This Celestial Body And Hang It Until It Is Dead” feature thumping 4/4 beats plus chilling atmosphere, and the last half of “Take Out…” is beatless, shifting drone. “Ballet Theme Downstream” is nothing more than a pounding thump and echo-drenched paranoid vocals. “Vatican Colours” is the most frightening of the bunch, 8 minutes of truly haunted ghost-like wailing, ticking drum machine, and shrieking vocals which eerily fade in and sound unnerving and possessed. It’s cathartic, but the way it’s mixed, how the elements slowly fade in and out, is almost smooth. “38,000 Feet In The Bathroom Line” is a diversion into confessional lo-fi acoustic folk, with pained vocals and frail strumming, and a few minutes of field recording from some sort of transit center at the end, and near silence for the last minute and a half. “Household Name” is another dirge set to a pounding drum machine, with plenty of layers of delay-enhanced vocals, and some fast-forwarding tape noise. The vocals on this one almost suggest a hollowed-out Skinny Puppy. Pretty surprising release, and it’s available as a free download on Bandcamp as well.

Show #233 – 3/2/14

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The Answer Is In The Beat 3/2/14
5:02 PM Pulse Emitter ~ High Altitude Golden Sunset ~ Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis ~ Metal Postcard
5:10 PM Magics Marker ~ side B ~ untitled tape ~ Raveyard
5:19 PM Cloud Becomes Your Hand ~ Sand Of Sea ~ Rocks Or Cakes ~ Northern Spy
5:22 PM Chicago Underground Duo ~ Blink Out ~ Locus ~ Northern Spy
5:29 PM Rich Sudney ~ Dancing With Your Shadow ~ Ionosonde ~Ionosonde Recordings
5:37 PM Scared To Death ~ live @ Totally Awesome Fest 9 ~ tape ~ Raveyard
5:51 PM Simon James Phillips ~ Ellipsis ~ Chair ~ Room40
5:57 PM Rangefinder ~ Particles For Rebuilding ~ Harmony State ~ A Guide To Saints

Pulse Emitter: Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis 2CD (Metal Postcard, 2014) + Equinox tape (Constellation Tatsu, 2014)

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Pulse Emitter: Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis

Pulse Emitter: Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis

Pulse Emitter is the decade-plus running project of Portland synth artist/builder Daryl Groetsch, who started out releasing harsh noise, but gradually drifted towards more meditative, new age sounds. This 2CD anthology compiles pieces and excerpts from tapes, LPs, CDs and CD-rs dating back to 2007, originally released on labels such as NNA Tapes, Root Strata, Aguirre, Expansive, and Tranquility Tapes. Basically, this is Pulse Emitter’s equivalent of Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Rifts”, which means that it’s utterly essential and you should buy it without a second thought, especially since you probably won’t be able to track down all of the original releases if you don’t have them already. Some of the excerpted works fade out pretty suddenly, they make you want to track down the original tapes and hear them in their entirety. But at least a few 10 minute pieces like “Nebula” are included in their full glory. This is just simply seriously beautiful, emotive synthesizer music, spacey and cosmic but completely in touch with human emotions. Seems basic on some levels (some of it’s slow-moving, there’s no flashy arpeggios or flanger effects) but the pieces are all carefully composed and there’s more intricate elements here than it might seem on the surface. It gets kind of distant (as on pieces like “Spaceship”) but most of it is just really melodic and emotive and beautiful.

Pulse Emitter: Equinox tape

Pulse Emitter: Equinox tape

Also out this year is a Pulse Emitter tape on the always reliable Constellation Tatsu label. Obviously this tape doesn’t cut pieces down to fit more on a CD, so most of the tracks here extend past 10 minutes. It definitely feels like a singular work, rather than a compilation, so there’s more of a similar mood to these pieces. It seems a bit more wintry than the compilation, but that could just be reflected by the weather, and the feeling that this winter is never going to end. But there’s a constant twinkling throughout much of the music on this tape, giving a feeling of light snowfall on a dark winter night. Not a blizzard, just a pleasant dusting of snow, it helps if you’re in your warm house looking outside rather than freezing outside in the cold.

Cloud Becomes Your Hand: Rocks Or Cakes (Northern Spy, 2014)

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Cloud Becomes Your Hand: Rocks Or Cakes

Cloud Becomes Your Hand: Rocks Or Cakes

Fun indie-prog from a Brooklyn band who has played at Far House here in Ann Arbor a couple times. Can be compared to Sun City Girls, Zappa, Fred Frith, RIO, Canterbury, etc., but ultimately has its own sound. Playful and complex, with unpredictable changes, silly voices (but not too many, and not overused), violin, and synths. The vocals on “Sand Of Sea” suggest a straightforward midtempo psych-pop song, but then it goes off onto all sorts of weird tangents, with crunchy distorted drum effects and plenty of detours into backwards effects and flute-like synths. “Theme From Baby Age” starts with a perky violin rhythm, has some squawky chicken-like voices in the background, and ends with a voice stating that America is a flying clam, the cities are pearls, and the people are sand. “Waste Park” is a mellow, feedback-y, beatless instrumental. “Bay Shamps” is the longest cut, and has the most recognizable, stick-in-your-head melody, which takes almost a minute to build up to, but once it’s there, there’s no getting rid of it. “Nuclei Spinoffs” starts out calm enough, but the lyrics are wildly surrealist, and then the melodies get complex and convoluted and there’s all these scary sounds floating over everything. “Peanuts In A Celluloid Bag” ends the album with buzzing, dialtone-like synths and swooping, shrieking animal-like vocals.

Rich Sudney: Ionosonde (Ionosonde Recordings, 2014)

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Rich Sudney: Ionosonde

Rich Sudney: Ionosonde

Dubby techno from a prolific Detroit netlabel artist who previously used the name Telegraphy. Clicky, crunchy beats and dubby echoing chords and bass, as well as watery, filtered vocals. The 3 “Phone Talk” interludes show a dark, biting sense of humor completely unique to certain corners of Detroit techno (think DBX, Dopplereffekt and friends), with the narrator calling up someone named Eggie Kishnoshky who tells him that the apocalypse is already here and that everything is a conspiracy and that you should start watching everything through your third eye. Also, the two continually refer to each other as “mon”. “An Enigma Inside A Riddle” begins with the repeating dial tones from the end of the first phone talk interlude, and by the end of the track, it’s morphed from ambient dub techno into a straightforward dub reggae riddim. “Everything Is Under Controlled” and “Dancing With Your Shadow” are entirely instrumental, with the former having some light guitar notes, and the latter having some more rapid, clicky, crunchy beats. “Phone Talk 3” ends grimly with explosions and the narrator being silenced while the operator asks if anyone’s there, and “Get A SSTV Decoder Dummy” is a creepy ambient collage using samples from the phone interludes. “Ocean (Telegraphy Reconstruct)” ends the album with an appropriately aquatic remix of “An Ocean Inside A Bottle”, bringing this oceanic-yet-fully-Detroit album to a close. Available on Bandcamp.

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