Kasim Keto: Long Car Rides (Babygrande, 2013)

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Kasim Keto: Long Car Rides

Kasim Keto: Long Car Rides

Mostly instrumental hip-hop, but with sung vocals with ethereal vocal effects. Definitely has a repetitive highway-travel feel to it. After a short intro of a car revving up, “Antseed” starts things off with minimal beats and synths and kind of trippy textures. “Wounded Knee” has a bit of sung vocals, and trippy beats. “Rat Race” has more sung vocals, mostly just the title repeated. “Facing” has sparkly synth sounds. “Belong” has some more sung vocals, can’t really tell what they’re saying. “Pusher” has kind of spacey synths. “Through” is a little more downtempo, has a tiny bit of piano. “Long Way” has a slow tempo to the melody but a more uptempo broken-beat shuffle to the beats, and vocals singing the titular phrase in the background. “Tell-Lie-Vision” is slow-jammy and has some lazy, loungey, stargazey vocals. “Nova” is short but has a really cool choppy beat and lots of spacey echo on the vocals, and lyrics about exploding supernovas. “Who Knows” is over 5 minutes, has the “Synthetic Substitution” breakbeat, and has vocals that sort of gaze off into space. “Hishandsunderstand” is light and spacey. “I Can’t” is melancholy and has light guitars and has some minor sung vocals towards the end. “Cause & Creation” has more barely comprehensible sung vocals, but seems to be concerned about something. “Hurrywait” has a hard beat and kind of trippy synth sounds. “So much Pain” ends it with more kind of melancholy beats and a little piano and vocals. RIYL: Driving long distances at night, Adult Swim bumper music.

Illum Sphere: Ghosts Of Then And Now (Ninja Tune, 2014)

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Illum Sphere: Ghosts Of Then And Now

Illum Sphere: Ghosts Of Then And Now

Ninja Tune debut from Manchester producer Ryan Hunn. His older stuff was closer to abstract instrumental hip-hop, but this album takes in a much wider scope of electronic music, touching on various current forms of “bass” music, R&B, house, Krautrock, and more. “Liquesce” is a shadowy, crackly, string-filled noir intro which has Shigeto drumming away in the background. “At Night” kicks up the tempo with light female vocals and edits, and 808 State-esque synths. First single “Sleeprunner” has more vinyl crackle than the first track, a nice Krautrock (via the last Portishead album) synth arpeggio, and a steady chugging beat which builds to juke intensity towards the end, along with vintage synths and strings. “The Earth Is Blind (Prelude)” is a spacey interlude leading into “The Road”, a downtempo R&B ballad with a stomping beat and frequent cut-ins from what sounds like a police radio, rhythmically sampled into the beat. “Ra_Light” has kicking beats, city-light synths, and a break in the middle with some excited-sounding voices, and then an outro of some slowed, echoed voice. “It’ll Be Over Soon” has a little more vinyl crackle, fast jittery beats, and a recurring sample of kids going “yeah!”, and later a robot voice repeating “game over” over a fast juke-inspired beat. “One Letter From Death” is a short, simple track with a rimshot-heavy beat, snakelike rattling percussion and bass synth. “Ghosts Of Then And Now” has a soft sensuous beat and organs, and gets more intense during the second half, which features atmospheric backup vocals. “Love Theme From Foreverness” is another moonlit R&B ballad, with midtempo beats. “Lights Out/In Shinjuku” starts out sounding like it’s going to be tense and frantic, but then really calms down during its second part. “Near The End” is the most uptempo, busy 4/4 dance track, with an upfront live-sounding beat and jazzy keyboards. “Embryonic” is one last vocal track, with a cumbia-esque beat and xylophones, and synth washes.

R.I.P. my old car

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icicles from outside my window

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Show #230 – 2/8/14

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Mic break music = Koji Asano: Polar Parliament
3:03 AM Illum Sphere ~ It’ll Be Over Soon ~ Ghosts Of Then And Now ~ Ninja Tune
3:06 AM Actress ~ Rims ~ Ghettoville ~ Werkdiscs
3:12 AM Kasim Keto ~ Who Knows ~ Long Car Rides ~ Babygrande
3:17 AM Lee Bannon ~ Alternate/Endings ~ Alternate/Endings ~ Ninja Tune
3:21 AM Pursuit Grooves ~ Cold Runnin ~ mp3 ~ Soundcloud
3:24 AM Charlatan ~ Augmentation (Zwei Kreise Reduction) ~ Night Circus Remixes ~ Digitalis
3:31 AM Windy & Carl ~ I Walked Alone ~ 7″ ~ Blue Flea
3:40 AM Ray Sammartano ~ Departing Kepler-22b ~ Brainwave Cathedral ~ self-released
3:50 AM Mogwai ~ Repelish ~ Rave Tapes ~ Sub Pop
3:54 AM Blackstone Rngrs ~ Descendant Of ~ Descendant ~ Saint Marie
4:04 AM Cross My Heart Hope To Die ~ Roller Coasting ~ EP ~ self-released
4:08 AM Bavaria ~ Flashmob Of One ~ We’ll Take A Dive ~ n5MD
4:13 AM Cibo Matto ~ Emerald Tuesday ~ Hotel Valentine ~ Chimera Music
4:16 AM Debruit & Alsarah ~ Alsahra ~ Aljawal ~ Soundway
4:19 AM Spontaneous Overthrow ~ All About Money ~ Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974-1984 ~ Chocolate Industries
4:25 AM Patrick Cowley ~ He’s Like You ~ School Daze ~ Dark Entries
4:32 AM Robert Marcel Lepage ~ Le Mangeur de gazon ~ Le Lait Maternel ~ Ambiances Magnetiques
4:40 AM Danielle Palardy Roger ~ The Stone ~ Le Caillou 1998-2013 ~ Ambiances Magnetiques
4:49 AM Jean Derome/Malcolm Goldstein/Rainer Wiens ~ L’Idee De Nature ~ 6 Improvisations ~ Ambiances Magnetiques
4:56 AM Molly Drake ~ Do You Ever Remember ~ Molly Drake ~ Squirrel Thing
5:01 AM No Milk ~ Telephone Tones ~ Ant Parade/No Milk Retrospective ~ Hot Releases
5:07 AM War [aka Var] ~ Lampinn I ~ More Days ~ Death Shadow
5:11 AM Le Travo ~ Chiaroscuro ~ Erring And Errant ~ Dark Entries
5:14 AM Farewell My Concubine ~ Telepathic ~ split LP w/ Horsebladder ~ Hot Releases
5:17 AM Nima ~ Landscapes ~ Spirit Sign ~ Bandcamp
5:25 AM With Moths ~ Being In The World ~ For Silence ~ A Guide To Saints
5:37 AM Cross Record ~ Not Quite White Light ~ Be Good ~ Ba Da Bing
5:43 AM Have A Nice Life ~ Emptiness Will Eat The Witch ~ The Unnatural World ~ The Flenser
5:51 AM Rangefinder ~ Theme For Kissy Suzuki ~ Harmony State ~ A Guide To Saints
5:56 AM Angel Olsen ~ Windows ~ Burn Your Fire For No Witness ~ Jagjaguwar

Crush Collision 2/6/14

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10:03 PM David Last ~ Green
10:06 PM FaltyDL ~ King Brute
10:08 PM Douglas Greed ~ Damage
10:12 PM Teemu T ~ Synapse
10:16 PM Actress ~ Gaze
10:21 PM Illum Sphere ~ Ra_Light
10:23 PM DJ 3000 ~ Dinar
10:26 PM Scntst ~ Park By Night
10:30 PM Snow Bone ~ Cubic (Steve Murphy’s Dirty Mix)
10:34 PM System Of Survival ~ Family Ring
10:39 PM Alexi Delano ~ My Busted SH-101
10:44 PM Pursuit Grooves ~ Great Light Regions
10:46 PM System Of Adon ~ track 11 ~ This Is The End Of Me
10:54 PM Afterhours ~ Lovesick

Blackstone Rangers: Descendant (Saint Marie Records, 2014)

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Blackstone Rangers: Descendant

Blackstone Rangers: Descendant

Texas shoegaze-influenced pop. Endless amounts of guitar effects, male/female (mostly female) vocals, and electronic beats. Opener “Descendant Of” does the endless drown-out guitar jam thing, but then “You Never” is a short surfy pop song, with a straightforward rhythm and upfront (but still too echoey to discern) vocals. “Judas Tree” has another uptempo rhythm, but clearer vocals, which sound excited and go “wooo!” at one point. “Frozen Echo” calms things down a little, has less electronic-sounding drums (but they’re still electronic), and the wordless vocals live up to the song’s title. “Nights//Days” is uptempo and anthemic, with assured, multi-tracked vocals and drums that even further blur the perceptions between live and electronic sounding. “Endless Sky” is another anthemic song with plenty of chorus echo on the vocals. The disc ends up sounding way poppier and less shoegazey than it seems like it will be at the beginning.

The Traps: Boom Pow Awesome Wow (Castle Face, 2014)

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The Traps: Boom Pow Awesome Wow

The Traps: Boom Pow Awesome Wow

First official release of a Providence garage rock band from 10 years ago. This definitely follows the Gories’ idea of garage rock being extremely primitive, stripped down, loud, and distorted. Very muddy and congested sounding, and of course the vocals are near impossible to discern. Most songs are around 2 or 3 minutes, but “Get Up” stretches past 6 minutes. Gets a bit bluesy at times, “Missed The Mark” approximates slide guitar, but it’s hard to tell if that’s actually what’s being played. “Illinois” is a fast stomper, and “Get Up” is a long low-down blues jam with more slide-like guitar. “Busalo” is a short, very noisy bashy jam with just a hint of the riff from “Paranoid” buried in there somewhere. “I Can’t Handle That” starts with a tiny bit of studio chatter, then has somewhat clearer vocals than the preceding songs. “How Long?” has a little more of the bluesy slide sound, and more constantly pounding, bashing drums, and vocals that sound more manic and rabid than before. “Beer Pinata” is one last bash, sounding as drunk and destructively playful as its title.

Show #229 – 2/1/14

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Mic break music = Phill Niblock: Touch Five
3:02 AM Actress ~ Time ~ Ghettoville ~ Werkdiscs
3:08 AM War [aka Vår] ~ Flesh Hierarchy ~ More Days ~ Death Shadow
3:13 AM Lè Travo ~ Amarcord ~ Erring And Errant ~ Dark Entries
3:18 AM Arkm Foam ~ Wish Wash ~ The Foam Doesn’t Fall Far From The Shore ~ Hot Releases
3:22 AM Horsebladder ~ After Your Dead ~ split LP w/ Farewell My Concubine ~ Hot Releases
3:33 AM Angel Olsen ~ White Fire ~ Burn Your Fire For No Witness ~ Jagjaguwar
3:40 AM The Diamond Family Archive ~ In Mind (Caroline)/A Golden Fire ~ Lakes Meres Ponds And Waters ~ Dinosaur Club
3:48 AM Victrola ~ A Game Of Despair ~ 12″ ~ Dark Entries
3:55 AM Have A Nice Life ~ Dan And Tim, Reunited By Fate ~ The Unnatural World ~ The Flenser
4:04 AM Big Ben Tribe ~ Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights ~ 12″ ~ Dark Entries
4:11 AM DTCV ~ Gone 1 Quickly ~ Hilarious Heaven ~ Xemu
4:14 AM Gardens & Villa ~ Avalanche ~ Dunes ~ Secretly Canadian
4:18 AM Orthy ~ Night Touch ~ E.M.I.L.Y. ~ Dither Down
4:23 AM Dog Bite ~ L’oiseau Storm ~ Tranquilizers ~ Carpark
4:27 AM POW! ~ Sugi Walks ~ Hi-Tech Boom ~ Castle Face
4:29 AM Nicolas Bernier ~ Frequencies (A / Fragments) (escerpt) ~ Frequencies (A / Fragments) ~ Line
4:43 AM Muerto Zoke ~ Probemos Otra Vez ~ split CDr w/ Baconhanger ~ self-released
4:47 AM Lee Bannon ~ Value 10 ~ Alternate/Endings ~ Ninja Tune
4:52 AM Kid Droid ~ Waves (Plexus Instruments’ Tokyo Electric Remix) ~ Project Onyx ~ Droidsong
5:00 AM Celestino ~ Concepcion ~ Kindling ~ A Guide To Saints
5:07 AM Ray Sammartano ~ Valkyrie Descending ~ Brainwave Cathedral ~ self-released
5:16 AM Rangefinder ~ Circulatin ~ Harmony State ~ A Guide To Saints
5:20 AM Robert Marcel Lepage ~ Fondation : qui sommes-nous ? ~ Canard Branchu ~ Ambiances Magnetiques
5:22 AM Linnea Olsson ~ The Ocean ~ Ah! ~ Gotterfunk Productions
5:26 AM Frank Pahl/Dennis Palmer ~ Funque ~ Pahl-Mer ~ self-released
5:35 AM Guardian Alien ~ Mirage ~ Spiritual Emergency ~ Thrill Jockey
5:41 AM Ant Parade ~ You’re Brave ~ Retrospective ~ Hot Releases
5:47 AM Debruit & Alsarah ~ Jamilla X.0 ~ Aljawal ~ Soundway
5:50 AM Figure Study ~ Window ~ Figure Study ~ Dark Entries
5:54 AM Patrick Cowley ~ Out Of Body ~ School Daze ~ Dark Entries

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