µ-Ziq: Goodbye Remixes (Planet Mu, 2022)

June 6, 2022 at 6:08 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

µ-Ziq: Goodbye Remixes

Right in front of this Friday’s release of the new µ-Ziq album, I figure I’d better post something about his latest EP, which is remixes of the EP built around the album’s first single. Magic Pony Ride is intended to be a sort of sequel to Lunatic Harness, which is getting a 25th anniversary reissue soon, so it’s a return to the more jungle and breakbeat hardcore-influenced side of µ-Ziq, but not quite the type of inspired madness present on his most legendary album. “Goodbye VIP” is basically just a bass-heavier variation on the single. The remixes come closer to the footwork influences of his work from the 2010s, and the Planet Mu label as a whole, since that sound is generally missing on the album proper. Still, footwork-adjacent producers like RP Boo and Jlin incorporate more breakbeats than on their usual work, and DJ Manny seems to toughen “Goodbye” up a little bit without losing its essence. Newcomer Xylitol helps the track bloom a bit more, giving it more springlike synths as well as harder breaks and more biting acid.

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