мхи и лишайники: Нассать на мир (Not Not Fun, 2020)

October 3, 2020 at 3:34 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

мхи и лишайники: Нассать на мир

Absolutely crushing minimal wave misanthopia seemingly transmitted from a Soviet bunker in 1987, but actually banged out a couple years ago around New Year’s Eve. This being on NNF, it’s not quite as cold and forbidding as most coldwave of this sort; it’s actually quite playful, even with the demented samples (the screaming, “your move creep”, and “you’re under arrest”, all ominously pitched down, during the second track) and fuck-all attitude (the title translates to “Piss on the World”). The third track ends up being fit for a hazy, gas mask-required rave, and the fourth is more of a melted synthwave fever dream. Then there’s the muddy, disorienting, prismatic, stun-laser final track, which thuds on and on for ten minutes before the tape runs out abruptly. I’m down with this sort of smudged, melting neon dystopia.

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