Otto Solange: шон (Eilean 69) (Eilean Rec., 2019)

August 25, 2019 at 11:42 am | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Otto Solange: шон (Eilean 69)

Somewhere between a beat tape and an unraveling dream, Otto Solange’s latest has tumbling, deconstructed beats and gauzy, floating textures which never quite form anything solid. A voice calls out “No words, a feeling”. Beats form out of bird calls, acoustic instruments poke out, and drums play at different speeds while other samples dissolve. Reality is subverted and no sounds are used the way they’re originally intended. The intro to “Heart-Shaped Box” is looped under a flurry of mangled voices and thumping drums. “Akō Rōshi” is an absolutely mesmerizing crushed raga drone, and “Ever Round, It Turns, He Goes to Sleep” increasingly gets stranger, more absurd, and more fascinating. It also made me think of how ridiculous it is for someone to aggressively yell “Go to sleep!”, because it’s clearly not going to make someone fall asleep. This album is basically like a dream where the imagination is working in overdrive, but you’re still in such a deep, hypnotic state that you don’t wake up.

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