Black William/Litüus: split tape (Notice Recordings, 2014)

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Black William/Litüus: split tape

Black William/Litüus: split tape

Black William previously surfaced with an excellent tape of live noise/drone performances, released 2 years ago on the now-defunct Tailings label. His side of this tape, “Fissures”, is basically a brief pattern of a few notes repeated endlessly, which gets amplified and stretched out until it’s basically just a single bleary-eyed hum lurching back and forth (but barely moving). It feels like the aural equivalent of extreme pupil dilation, and when it finally reaches its sudden ends it snaps hard, and your ears need a bit of time to cool off and readjust. Litüus’ side (“κλίση”) has a similar minimalist trick of just exploring a handful of notes repeating endlessly, but this pattern seems to have more of a solid rhythm and is more melodic, and it doesn’t go for all-out ear-bleeding distortion. Instead, the reverberations of the notes create sort of a dubby rhythm. The side fades out cleanly, so unlike the A-side, you have fair warning this time.

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